Directions to Mountainside Resort

Vermont, we are 40 minutes from Vermont's largest airport, 15 minutes from Interstate 89, and 15 minutes from the train station in Waterbury. Do not forget to view Mt. Mansfield!

Burlington International Airport offers service to and from major cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, and Washington. From the airport, it's just a 40 minute, mostly interstate drive to Stowe. Taxi service and car rentals are available at the airport or you can contact one of our local taxi services.

From the airport and points west, take Route 89 South. From most points south, take Interstate Route 89 North to Exit 10.

Get off on Exit 10 and take Route 100 North into Stowe Village (about 15 minutes). Turn left onto Route 108, the Mountain Road. After just 3 miles, turn right onto Cottage Club Road. Mountainside Resort is on the left.